I saw a Monster today!! Not under my bed, or in my closet! Not the movie! No, this Monster I found in the convenience store. I was in there, minding my own business..looking for a nice healthy Mountain Dew (yeah yeah.. I work the evening shift and needed some caffeine) and there it was.  I thought “Hey, all of the cool kids are doing it, why not try it?”

HOLY COW! It was awesome! But now, it is 1 in the a.m. and I am WIDE AWAKE and wired to the max!!!!  NOW WHAT??

So at one point, I read the side of the can..just out of curiosity, to see what is in this container of yumminess. I didn’t get past the warning “Do not consume more than 3 cans a day” WHAT?? What happens then? Do you spontaneously combust? Well, that was my thought at the I think you may never sleep again.  Heck – I am wondering now if I will ever sleep again.

Danged peer pressure.


One response to “MONSTERS!!

  1. That is crazy, now i gotta go see for myself. Maybe it eats your stomach away.

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