If money were no object, I would love to see _______ under my tree…

Facebook is a constant source of entertainment for me. I have a friend who posts the funniest “statuses” that keep us laughing for quite a while, and  sometimes the crudest just to sit back and see the reaction.  Another friend posts a drink recipe a day – the names of some of these drinks can be quite interesting.

There are the sports rivalries, the political debates. We vent about our children, our spouses, our parents – oh, wait – the venting about the parent is usually by me. We brag about our children and ask for advice.

We plan parties, we announce our births, engagements, anniversaries.We ask for prayers when one of loved ones is ill. We update each  other on the progress of each other’s loved ones if necessary. And, when the terrible happens, we help each other through the tough times as well. Just knowing that there are people thinking of you..

Yesterday, I stole a status and put it as my own:

“If money were no object, I would love to see __________ under my tree…”

Being the smart a$$ I am, and always wanting to bring a smile to people’s faces..I was expecting answers like the one I had planned on – “Kenny Chesney.. a lamp with a genie in it..” something along those lines.

What I got was yet another reminder that Christmas is about so much more than material things..the commercialism…

Fill in the blank: If money was no object, I’d love to see ___________ sitting under my tree this year!

S.Smith : A Stack of cash! (this is how I thought it would go!)
J. Hann : My grandpa healthy (he had major surgery just that morning)
S.Wiggins: My Mr. Right 🙂 (yep – again, how I thought it would go..)
H. Lambert: My cousin cured
S.Wiggins: on a more serious note, a cure for type 1 diabetes
M. Zimm: Parts to a Mustang GT – wait, wrong song..
K.Buntyn: My grandparents RIP
C. Woolf: My brother and both my grandfathers
J.Messing: hmm..a playstation controller – I already have everything that matters (he has recently become engaged)
and this is the one that got me right in the heart…
D. Farr : My son back…. RIP

Now, how are those for some Christmas wishes?     Hey Santa..


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