‘Tis the season to be Thankful..

yes, and jolly. I know, I am a little late on the thankful, Thanksgiving being last week and all –  give me a break here! I have been busy! New job, getting Private Dork on to his next phase (more on that in another post) and helping my sis move…

I digress…

‘Tis the season to be thankful.. yeah, I know, the economy SUCKS!!!!  We have jobs we hate, cars we hate. We hate the current administration. Our football team looses the big game (yeah, we GAVE that game to UGA!) …

But serioulsy. Be thankful you have a job. You have a car. Only 780 (as of today) more days until Obama is out of office, and HELLO!?? It’s only a GAME!!

Remember those around you, even if they live in a similar house, maybe even a bigger, nicer house – may be struggling just like you, like me, or even worse. Not everyone shares their hardships. It isn’t always obvious. I know this because I never shared while growing up – no one knew how hard we had it.

Pay attention to the comments your kids friends make, they can give it away, as one of Goose’s friends has. Don’t be afraid to step up and help. It is a great feeling to prove to a child that Santa Clause truly exists.

Don’t be afraid and embarrassed to ASK for help. We all need help every now and then, especially in times like these. We all get by with a little help from our friends.


2 responses to “‘Tis the season to be Thankful..

  1. So true.. this is the second year we have sponsored a child for Christmas and it makes us feel great to help keep Santa alive in the hearts of the kids.

  2. So, true Anna! I have successfully (I think) hidden from Coale how close to being broke we are, but maybe he picks up on certain things? If you let me know of a child in need I will help, after all I just started a new job too! And, I have to give to someone for all the help that has been given to me!

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