From Chaos to calm…

An amazing thing happened to my kid. He put on the Marine Corp  dress blue uniform and he grew 10 feet.

We went this past Saturday to have pictures made of the boys together and Justin wore his dress blues.

As we were heading out the door – I had his cap in my hand. It was as if there was a glass wall – he dead stopped –

MOM. I have to have my cap!

As we get to the mall, I was amazed at the reactions of people to the uniform. From chaos to calm. It was like parting the red sea. The crowd stepped aside for him to walk through. Children’s eyes’ got big as saucers looking up at him. Perfect strangers coming up to my son, shaking his hand.

We get to the photo studio and parents hushed their children when we walked in. We took the pictures and while looking at them on the screen in the front room of the studio, a woman watched the slideshow from behind us with tears in her eyes.

After we picked the pictures to buy, Justin could not sit still. He had to walk. He left the studio and returned a few minutes later. Another photographer whispered to me –

“Is he really in the Marine’s or is he just dressed..?”

“No, ma’am, he’s really a Marine.”

“But he’s just a baby!”

No, he’s a MARIINE!

As we left the mall, pictures in hand, Goose and I followed a few steps behind Private Dork, observing the reactions of everyone we passed. It was truly amazing.


2 responses to “From Chaos to calm…

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  2. That is just awesome. Can’t wait to see my transformed nephew.

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