Stop being a Wussy!!!

As Dork is going through the Crucible (see “The Crucible – the Marine version, not the book”) I, as his mom, am naturally worried.

First of all, anyone who knows my Dork knows he is a slacker. It isn’t all his fault. Part of it is genetics (NOT by me) and part is I have spoiled him most of his life (it was easier to do it myself than to let him and risk him making a mess and then – I still had to do it AND clean up the mess).

Next is the Crucible itself. Did you read it? Not many people could do it and yes, it is what he has been training for, and no, they wouldn’t let him do it if he wasn’t prepared..I hope.

Finally, there is the weather. I do believe the Marine Corps special ordered the weather for Thursday (the first day of the exercise). For the following ten days, it was the only day of rain – thunderstorms at that.

So, as a facecrack – er- Facebook status, I asked for prayers, good thoughts etc. to be sent his way… again, I’m his mom. I worry.

In the midst of all of the well wishes, one of my best friends – who happens to be a former Marine (though once a Marine, always a Marine) says ” I am going to pray that his mom quits thinking he is a pussy!”

Grrrrrr!  Come on! Your kid is only 6! You just wait! I am going to remind you of this when he is off doing whatever it is he is going to do in the big world and you worry –

No, I probably won’t. I’ll still be a mom. Not necessarily his mom, but a mom, and I’ll probably worry right along with him. That’s what friends do… or women….or just moms…or maybe just me…

Anyway. I can’t wait to see my Dork – 5 days! And yes, I know he is not a pussy. (Man, I hate that word)


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