Mom, I don’t feel good..

Lordy! Really? You felt fine yesterday…

“Yeah, my throat is scratchy and my nose is yucky..”

((doing the mom thing and feeling his head))

You don’t have a fever..

(as if I could really tell by just feeling his head )

…I think you can go to school.

But mom, I really don’t feel good.

Ok, ok. Most days I’d say uh uh. you have to go to school, but the in-laws are coming and his room is, fine..

..but you are staying in your room ..and CLEANING IT!

Yeah, RIGHT!

Although he did have a good time with the wet/dry vac sucking all of the bb’s that the dog had scattered all over the room in her daily impersonation of an alarm clock, the remainder of the room…well…

Dude- you still have some work to do here..

“But Mom, you can see the floor!”

I see that…but pushing the mess to the corners of the room isn’t exactly what I meant when I told you to clean the room.

((pouty face))


A few hours later mom and I have finally gotten the house presentable – (mom more than me, as after my little procedure Monday left me with only one functioning arm) I decided that I would take a quick nap.

Mom- can I play the game?


Can I now?


How about now?




How about now?

GRRRRRRRRRRRR! NO! You stayed home from school sick – if you are too sick for school you are too sick for video games.

Well, school is out now..and if I am too sick for school, I am too sick to clean my room…

Well, that was quite obvious by the lack of cleaning that actually occurred in the 8 hours he was trapped in his room… so..

NO. You CAN NOT play video games!


Upstairs the child goes..and quietly, very sneakily..puts the game room t.v. on mute and plays the PS2 while mom is downstairs oblivious in dream land..

Kids! Ha. Thinks he can stay home and play video games all day. Pfft.

Oh. wait. He won that one, didn’t he?

Well, you could see the floor..and school was over…

and the in laws have arrived so now it’s too late to beat -er- scold the child…damn.

Ram a stick up my back and call me “Sucker”..


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