Is everybody ready…? Well….

Maybe, Maybe not. In 4 days my oldest urchin turns 18. Am I ready? Maybe. Maybe not. Ok, I started young, so maybe I am ready for that. In 20 days though, that urchin leaves for boot camp at Parris Island, SC to become a US Marine. Am I ready? Good question. (Probably more so than he is) He has always been in and out, spending weeks at a time with his “other” family. Yet, this is different. This is growing up and moving on. Becoming independent and (hopefully) a strong, responsible adult who no longer needs his mommy. While it is something that I am excited about – I am also a bit sad.

I think all parents know the feelings of which I speak. We have been through them many times in varying degrees. Talking and walking..(the joke I have always loved – we wait with great anticipation for our children to walk and talk only to spend the next 18 years telling them to sit down and shut up!)  The first day of school. Kindergarten graduation. On to middle school. First date. Drivers Licence.Prom. So many other things in between, and then – BAM! Overnight it seems – here we are. The pomp and circumstance of high school graduation and on to college – or in our case, boot camp. Where did the time go?

I tell everyone I know (and many who I don’t) who are pregnant or have small children..spend as much time with your kids as possible. The baby book is so important as far as I am concerned – all of a sudden – I can’t remember how old he was when he started walking, talking…keep up with it!!!

The housework will always be there – your baby, toddler, child, teen won’t….he will be an adult before you know it!


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