Dr. House and my epiphany ..

If you have read any of my past entries – the WAY past entries, or if you are one of the lucky (;) ) few who really know me, you would know that I never really planned on having my own children. Life just kind of happened this way and I have two wonderful, awesome boys. This being said, I realized something while watching an episode of “House”   the other day.  Early in their relationship, Taub and his wife had agreed they did not want children, yet, he was having second thoughts. She asked him if – could he really not live without children? Wow.

As I watched the remainder of the episode, I tried to picture myself without my children. Justin was, as those who know me well are aware, how do I put it? Unexpected? However – a lifesaver. Without him, who knows where I would be – I am just pretty sure it  would be no place good.  About two months before I became pregnant with Goose, Reese and I had decided that we were ok with not having another child. We enjoyed the time alone we had when Justin went to visit  his other family in the summer. Then – out of the blue – BAM! Another little boy came into our lives…into my life..

Trying to picture our life without them …well…B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  Sure, we could maybe take spur of the moment vacations and stay out later without worries of a babysitter not being responsible enough.. and hey – I would be less a few stretch marks..but most of those are from my fat days anyway (honestly) ..but really?  We would have missed out on Little League, and NJROTC, and listening to Justin learn to play guitar and teaching him to drive, and watching Goose at the beach and them both learn to ski/snow board… The learning to walk and talk. Ride bikes. Swim.

So, I know that there are many who are very happy without children..but man – you have no idea the fun you are missing!!


3 responses to “Dr. House and my epiphany ..

  1. redpillproductions

    Life is more full with boys!! It’s like living in a frat house! Everything is a mess, the toliets are always messy, someone could be throwing up at any moment and you never know who’s gonna be sleeping in your bed in the morning! I too wasn’t sure about kids. My story is much the same as yours. Had one thought that was it and surprise number two! Wouldn’t change it for anything, but one vesectomy kept us from being surprised by another!! hahaha..

  2. some times God knows what you need way more than you do…..what am I saying, He knows ALL the time. So each blessing He gives us is what we need. I am thankful that he blessed us with 2 wonderful children (even if I want to string them up sometimes). So glad He gave you what you needed as well! 😉 what would like be without them?? you are right! BORING!!

  3. Anna Allen Chappell

    Epiphany is possibly too strong a word..

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