A style all his own

When Justin was Little Reese’s age, he had this terrible cowlick. We would spend 30 minutes a morning with the aussie hairspray (aerosol glue ) fighting that cowlick. Eventually, he decided to just get his hair cut very, very short and he kept it that way for quite a while. He has in the past few years allowed his hair to grow out, and now he wears it longer and with the natural curl he has, it looks very good longer.

Now I am in a similar situation with Little Reese. He has the same double crown and that spot of hair at the back of his head that has a mind of it’s own. I have learned alot in the years since fighting with Justin’s hair, I think gaining a bit more confidence in myself has helped to realize that every hair does not have to be in place.

A style all his own… Little Reese is not one to wear the very short hair that Justin wore. We have had him to get it cut short a couple of times – his grandparents anniversary party, and once when we were having pictures made. But he did not like it. He is much happier with his hair longer – and if he is happy – well, then I am happy.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the family – (my husband, Reese) sees things from my point of veiw.

I believe that, sure, I could spend 30 minutes a morning with the hair glue, trying to get that unruley hair to lay down, only to have him get to school and it start to stick up again. Then, all day, he is going to worry about that piece of hair sticking up – and whether people notice – instead of just feeling confident and happy with himself.

The same goes for his clothes. If the child wants to wear a polka dot shirt with plaid shorts, I don’t care. If he is happy, I am happy. You want to wear your Halloween costume to the store in the middle of April? Sure!

I feel that, if he is happy and comfortable with himself, the I am going to have a happy, confident child, teen and on to an adult.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do encourage him to wear matching clothes. He has longer hair, but we keep it combed and it is styled – just a style of his own. He knows how to dress up when it is necessary. He has a suit and a tie, that he loves to wear, and he has button down shirts and dress shoes for pictures. We fix his hair on these occassions and “he cleans up real nice”..

I like him being this way – I feel that he is his own person and maybe instead of a follower, he will have the confidence to be a leader.

And- he’s a BOY! Boys are supposed to get dirty! snakes and snails and puppy dog tails… mud and grass stains, scraped knees and bumps on the noggin! What fun is it to be a boy if you can get down and get dirty?

When I was a teen, I wanted to be just like everyone else. I wanted expensive clothes and shoes. I wanted all of the luxuries that all of my friends had, but because we grew up kind of poor, that really wasn’t possible. I thought that it was things that would make me popular – and you know, I guess in school it is usually like that, at least for girls.

I always cared what other people thought of me. I only saw my faults. I had a big nose, crooked teeth, my hair was just there. I had no figure to speak of until well after high school. Because I was so focused on these “faults ” I saw in myself, my self confidence was non-existant.

It took a long time to get past that. Finally at 35, I have come to accept myself and realized that they are not faults, only things that make me unique. My nose is not big. My teeth, well, lots of people have crooked teeth, but there are many people who have no teeth (ha ha). I have learned new things with my hair and it is now my favorite part of me.

I want my children to be confident in who they are – I want Just to realize he has a great smile and to stand up straight and be proud of who he is and know that he can do anything if he just tries hard enough. Little Reese? He has the most beautiful blue eyes and his eyelashes make everyone jealous and allows him to get away with murder at school! All of his teachers fall in love with his eyes!

I think that criticizing the way they dress and the way they want to wear there hair is just silly. There are so many bigger battles that are going to need to be faught with them as they grow up that I think this one should go to them. This way, when Justin wants a tattoo (before 18) or Reese wants an earring – I can say – ” Are you NUTS?? I let you wear your hair long and dress like a slob if you want – but I am drawing the line at tattoos and earrings!” (Until they are on their own of course, it would be a bit hypocritical for me to say no tattoos)

Boys will be boys. Boys get dirty. They play army and cops and robbers. They jump off the transormer box in my front yard, and grab onto the basketball goal in the neighbors driveway and bet on who hang on the longest. Devon and Reese were playing in the bark yard a few weeks ago, and they weren’t allowed back in the house for hours – they rolled down the mud hill in the back yard and were covered in mud – then they thought they would clean themselves up by having a water gun fight. Now they are muddy and wet. Luckily it started raining shortly there after, so while they were playing in the rain, some of the mud off – at least out of their hair – but then down their faces.

Oh the joys of having boys!!!

So have I rambled enough? My little long hair camo kid ( green camo pants, brown camo shirt, and the camo fleece that is a different pattern that both) needs me to bring him some allergy medicine to school. So I guess that is all until next time….


One response to “A style all his own

  1. I agree with you , there is nothing wrong with letting yur kids march to their own drummer. The both know how to clean up when the need is there. But at lest when they grow up they will know that looks only last for so long.

    Now see you do have it lucky because young boys and most teenage boys for that matter don’t really care how they look. I think if they could get away with out clothes a lot of them woulld.

    But girls on the other hand are a different story all together.

    It’s funny watching Dhelia and Harley growing up, Dhelia is like me when I was young and Harley is like you . She cares what everyone thinks and wants to be like everyone else. She hangs out with the rich kids and Dhelia hangs out with the not so rich kids, and doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks of her. I see so much of us in the girls it’s unreal.

    So tell Reese that if he doesn’t leave Little Reese alone or I will talk him into a BLUE MOHAWK

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