Happy 27th Birthday to me..again!

Yeah, I know. 27?  Absolutely. It is the 10th anniversary of my 27th birthday. I know a while I ago I said I was going to fess up to my age. Yeah, whatever. You’re only as old as you feel. Well, I realized a few months ago that all of a sudden I was feeling old. OMG! I was turning into my mother!  No way. I am getting out. I am going to have fun! Who says that just because you are married with children you can’t have F U N!??? So…  I decided that THAT is exactly what I was going to do. Have fun. Live, laugh and love. The house cleaning can wait till tomorrow. (Ok – I know that eventually I have to do it…but it’s my birthday..let me fantasize for a little while)

Having reconnected with old friends – and made many new ones (my soul sister Jennifer..and Leigh Ann (with no “E”)  and Shanda …Robert, Todd and Mandrew) through my good old Facebook addiction and this year, I am going to celebrate my birthday with them! Shhhh…it’s a secret – don’t tell anyone – but this is the first birthday party I have had since I was 13. Of course – technically the party isn’t for me, it is a get together that is actually already planned – it just happens to be on my birthday weekend – but hey – it’s a party and it’s my birthday!

I have been cancer free for a year! Yee ha!  That, in itself, is reason to celebrate!

My kids are doing great! Justin’s ship date has been moved back from June to August..much to his disappointment..though for me, the very proud, but worried mom, I don’t mind so much. Another month with my oldest baby, keeping him out of Afghanistan or Iraq for just a little while longer is o.k. with me.  Little Reese is finally making friends and starting to adjust to our (not so new) home and school is getting easier.

Reese and I are getting along better than ever these days. I think the decision to have F U N and not sit around waiting to get older has rubbed off!

With the world the way it is these days, it is difficult some days to see the bright side of things. There always is one, though. I am seeing it. Still looking for me, yeah, I know, been saying that for three years now…maybe this is the year?  Who knows…

I think I will make that a goal for the year – not finding me – that is my goal for life. Rather, the goal being to try to find the bright side of every situation – oh, man. I just sang the iCarly theme song in my head. Two o’clock in the morning is a bit early for that.

Oh, or maybe win the lottery?

Well, it is two a.m. and I have a long drive tomorrow (or rather, today) I guess I’ll hit the hay and try to get some sleep. Count some sheep and catch some zzz’s.


2 responses to “Happy 27th Birthday to me..again!

  1. Hey Anna!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Anna! Hope you have a great day!

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