While filling out the info for this new site, it asked for biographical I filled it out, I decided to make it a blog…


I am me – though exactly who that is, I am not sure I know yet. I am also a wife of 12, almost 13, years to a wonderful man, Reese. I am a mom, to two boys, Justin, who is 17 and getting ready to graduate this school year and will be leaving for the Marines shortly after, and Little Reese, or Goose, who will be 10 in September. He is still kind of searching for his place in the world..but, he is only 10 and they don’t really have to worry about such things yet, right?  We have a neurotic cat, Pretty, who must never see the bottom of her food bowl and an OCD border collie, Dixie. Of course, OCD is part of the breed, and I am sure if it weren’t tennis balls or laser lights, it would be sheep if they were available. She loves cheese and carrots and don’t dare try to sneak a peice of chicken past her – she can smell it from a mile away.

I love tattoos, country music, Mustangs (the cars not the horses) and am addicted to facebook.

I met my husband in the doctor’s office, of all places. Long and interesting story that only a trusted few know in it’s entirety. No one thought we would make it..but here we are almost 14 years later.

We moved to Florida from Washington state, having spent four and half of the longest years of our lives there, a little more than a year ago. Before Washington, there was Arkansas and Kansas, South Carolina and Georgia as well as a short stay in Texas. We have lived all over the country, from one corner to the next and back again, but I am still, and will always be, a southern girl at heart.


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