The few, the proud..

Ok, so I dropped Justin off with the Marine recruiter this afternoon. Staff Sgt. is going to take him to the hotel tonight and then in the morning, my little boy is going to go to MEPS. There, he will take his military physical and eventually swear in and become a member of the United States Marine Corps. Once he graduates high school, off to boot camp he will go.

Everyone asks how I feel about this. Aren’t you worried? About what? The way the world is today, I know what they want to know – am I worried he is going to get sent to battle and maybe die. Sure, but he could die walking across the street. When God decides it is our time to come home, then that is when it happens. If we live our life afraid of dieing then are we really living? But, that’s another blog, for another time. Sure, I am worried. He is my son.  I worry about him every time he walks out the door. Anytime he is not in my sight. Heck – he’s a teen..I worry about him when he is in my sight..what’s he thinking? What’s going on in his head?  So, I will worry about him no matter what he does.

Justin had talked about the service for a while, but we never really took him seriously. When we moved to Florida, he joined the JROTC program they have at his high school and within a week he came home wanting to be a Marine. HELL NO!! There is no way you are going to be a Marine. You can join any branch you want EXCEPT the Marines. So, he did just that. He talked to the army..and the navy..but, in the end..where did I take him today? Why, when I told him that I would not let him join the Marines?’s simple. The Marines are the BEST. I knew that. I just needed him to be sure that he could do it. The Marines will bust your butt. Knock you down and build you back up to twice the man he would have been otherwise.

Justin tends to be a bit of a slacker. He comes by it honest, unfortunately. But, when I asked him “Why the Marines?” he shocked me when he said that he doesn’t want to take the easy way. He wants to prove to himself and to everyone else, that he can do it. The first thing everyone has said to him when he says he wants to join the Marines is – why? You should join the (army, navy, air force) it’s so much easier. He doesn’t want the easy way. He wants the BEST way. That, my friend,in my opinion (and this is my blog) is the Marine way.


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