I would like to think “What would Jesus Do?”

But I really have a hard time with that question as an answer here.

I have a brother. Not many know that – of course, now everyone does. I don’t talk about him for very good reasons that I feel very strongly about. I will not go into them, only to say he has done some VERY VERY bad things that he will most definitely go straight to hell for, if I am lucky. I think. This is where my quandary is.

I am not sure if my older sister C. believes these things happened, or if she feels some sort of family obligation to her brother that I could not feel to someone who has done the terrible things he has, which is why I choose to think she doesn’t believe it all happened.

I truly believe what comes around goes around. He has always had a heart condition and in reading my sister C.’s myspace blog’s I have discovered that he is on a heart transplant list for the second time.

So, is this his coming around? I wonder.

I don’t know what Jesus would do in my situation. He was a much better person than me. I think I will stick with what I know, and that is not feeling sorry and that he is getting what is coming to him – and there is still a firey future in store.

That is my cold heartedness for the New Year.


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