I just can’t understand this. My Aunt Sarah, with whom my mom has been living the past 4 years has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had the area removed and has finished her chemo and has just begun her radiation treatments. She is doing well, all things considered..

These “things” – I don’t get it. She has two sons Y. and J., who come to see her, oh , say never. She has been very very sick through all of this and yet her son’s rarely call and almost never come over. I don’t understand. I thought maybe it was because they were son’s and they see things different than daughters do. So I called around. I asked many men (who obviously have mom’s) and no, it is not because they are son’s. Son’s should take care of their mother’s just as a daughter would.

They were not abused children. They grew up in a slightly dysfunctional “Leave it to Beaver” home. There were issues, sure, but we all have issues. I would understand the alienation of their mom if she had beat them.

I bring this up because here it is Christmas and both boys have called and said that they will not be coming over to see her. So sad.

I am trying to raise my boy’s to know that family is one of the most important things in life. I believe that it is the family’s responsibility to take care of one another. If anyone in the family needs me, I will do my absolute best to be there and help them. It is just what you do for the people you love.

My cousin (her son) Y. is even a preacher. I didn’t realize that you could pick and choose which commandments to follow. “Honor thy mother and thy father”. I am glad I am not a member of his congregation.

“If you can not laugh with me when I am alive, don’t cry for me when I am dead.”


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