Do you ever just have one of those days?

Well, this is how mine ended… I took Dixie out for her last potty break last night about 8:00. We walked around the grassy area just below our apartment, and after she “did her business”, I scooped it up (being the responsible dog owner that I am) and headed on over to the “poop station” the complex provides. It is a trash can just for the occassion. As we got there, I noticed the new neighbors moving in, they were putting some things in the garage just across from the station. I waved hello and Dixie and I continued on with our routine.

Our routine – after the stop at the station, Dixie and I play chase. Seriously. I catch her and then turn to run and she catches me. Then she grabs the end of her leash and we run back to the building. I know, sounds silly, but I live a rather dull life these days.

Last night however, the leash slipped out of her mouth and as she cut in front of me to grab it again…well, it was an embarassing way to meet the new neighbors. I hit the ground hard and next thing I knew, I heard her next to me asking if I was o.k. I guess so. Wasn’t out long, poor Dixie was more scared than anyone, sweet thing!

So, my neighbors wouldn’t let me up, took Dixie upstairs and went to get Reese. Now I just feel silly and must have looked like a nut laying there giggling, but it was funny. Until I tried to get up. Man, my knees hurt!! Oh and I have a boo- boo.

Anyway. Just one of those days. Ended too funny really. All is well in the end. I am not sure Dixie and I will be doing any running together for a few days, though.


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