More on the meaning of Christmas

I think we would all agree that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost. I feel pretty safe in saying that all adults know (whether they believe or not) that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I think that fact gets pushed to the backs of our minds – starting Halloween, when they begin to put out Christmas decorations in the stores. Then pushed even further as the after Thanksgiving sales start, and the lowest prices of the season sales start.

The wish list’s the children make. I admit- I gave Little Reese the Big Toy book from Toys-r-Us and a marker and asked him to circle the things he wanted for Christmas. See? Commercialism.

Diamonds for the wife. Get the kids an X Box. Get dad an electric razor (I know – there aren’t many ideas for the dad, huh?)

I have mentioned before that I grew up poor. There were many years that the church bought our Christmas. One particular year has always stuck out in my mind. We went to the church and my little sister and I got to pick out a few toys from the chests (as an adult now I know that they were donations) and I remember I picked out a black cat with a purple ribbon tied around its neck. I had that stuffed cat until I moved out of my parents house.

I think that this could be the year that many children are in the same situation. Many of the families who are going to be needing help this year have children who aren’t so lucky. The charities are in need of help.

This is where the meaning of Christmas comes in for me. Joseph and Mary needed help. A place to stay.

While I am not saying that we all offer our homes to strangers to stay (times have changed you know) maybe we could help in some other way. Toys for Tots. Food donations – and you know, people are hungry all of the time, not just at holidays. Animal shelters (yes, even animals need help) … if you don’t have money donate time…

Oops- that almost sounds like a lecture…sorry.

Last year, I swore I was going to boycott the whole gift buying thing and focus on the meaning of Christmas. Having kids makes that very difficult so we have had to come to a middle ground. I guess that works for now.

Merry Christmas!


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