White Elephant for Christmas…

Nope. That is NOT going to fit under the tree!

It’s that time of year again. The time of year we teach of children the real meaning of Christmas- commercialism.

Each year we draw names in Reese’s family for kids and adults to buy gifts for. This year, my sister in law came up with this wonderful (not) idea of doing a white elephant gift exchange. We are to all buy two somewhat generic, gender neutral gifts under $50.00. On Christmas, we all draw numbers and open gifts in some kind of order. As the gift exchange progresses, each person can trade gifts with another if someone has one they like better.

I have let her know that I really do not like this idea. It is a great idea for an office party, where you are not emotionally vested to the people you are exchanging gifts with. Somehow this is supposed to save us money and make it easier to shop for gifts. I guess I must be crazy (OK- I know, I know…) but it is REALLY proving to be much more difficult – and expensive- for me this way. Sort of. I have one idea that should work out o.k.

The other idea, well, let’s just say it should make for one very memorable Christmas…


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