Dear Mr. McCain

Dear Mr. McCain,

First I would like to say how sorry I am that you and Governor Palin did not succeed in your run for the presidency. I hope that Obama will live up to the high hopes the country has for him.

I wanted to tell you about the interesting morning I had. As I returned from taking my son to school, our neighbor was outside trying to get his truck started. Being the person that I am, I offered to jump start his truck. Throughout the course of the next few hours, I learned that he has just been discharged from the army, although his tour was not to be up for another year.

You see, he had surgery for a shoulder injury in October. Shortly after, he was told that he was going to be discharged early. Although I do not know the exact term, he was being discharged not out of the kindness of any ones heart, but because he is no longer deployable due to this injury and surgery.

This man has been in the army for 20 years. He served in Panama, and Desert Storm. He also served 3 tours in Iraq, two of which were voluntary. He was shot at by snipers the first day he arrived, before they were even on the ground. On Christmas eve, his truck was hit by a roadside bomb. He has served in the 150 degree desert while carrying 200 lbs. of equipment. Missed birthdays and Christmas’ with his wife and kids, and this is how we repay him?

In talking with him, I discovered that he is not the only soldier being treated this way. I would expect to hear stories like this from Vietnam, but not now. I thought that we had grown since then.

Pretty sad, the stories he told me, and then to know that soldiers are being “fired” for on the job injuries? If a private company tried to do the same thing, the government would step in and say that it couldn’t be done. Who stands up when it is the government who is in the wrong?


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