Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

I would like my share in cash, no checks please, I have little trust for the democratic party right now. I would also like to have it in time for Spring Break, as this is when I plan to quit my job and live off of my share of the wealth.

I am also in need of my new health insurance information – I am hoping that the company that covers congress and will now cover me and my family will pay for the tummy tuck I have been hoping for.

My husband has had the opportunity for a high paying job in the past, and now I am very glad he did not take it, as we would not be among those receiving a share in the wealth. I hope Joe the plumber cuts back on his advertising. I would hate for him not to get his fair share of the $300k that a few of our friends work so hard to earn for their families. So what if their kids have to wait to go to college? It is worth it if the crack head down the street can get a little extra money to help support his habit.

I would also love to know the exact date we are going to pull out from Iraq. My son is planning on joining the military and need to know how much of my shared wealth to save to help with care packages to where ever they ship him out to once the fight starts again.

I will be watching the mail and waiting patiently for my share of the wealth. I will update my address as needed, just in case you have trouble finding me.

Thank you,

Anna Chappell


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