My homesick little boy

Little Reese comes to me this morning and really just breaks my heart. He is so sad, he misses his friends so much. Why did we have to move?

It is so hard to explain to him, he understands the reasons, but then he doesn’t. He’s little and Washington was the only “life” he has known. This being his first move, it is truly a whole new world for him and although he is making friends, being in an apartment is not making it easy.

He misses his lifelong friends. Kayel, Taryn, Devin and Spencer. Kaenau and even Kyel (he’s only in first grade but is Keanau and Kayel’s little brother). He has known them almost his whole life and misses them terribly. He also misses the freedom of a neighborhood as opposed to the apartment life. He misses his teachers and the small town closeness we had in Ridgefield.

Wow. I think I do,too. Ok – I know I do, cause when he came to me crying, I did, too.

I survived eight moves growing up. Reese survived, I think he said 12. Justin has moved five times. I know that Little Reese will survive, but he is more open with his emotions than Justin was, so it is harder to see. I will survive this as well, I am sure, our parents did.


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