A Dog Out of Water

While I had plans to sleep on the beach when the kids started school, the sun, as you can see in the picture, had other plans. So, I called my mom and we headed on down to see how Dixie would react to the beach.

We got there and mom settled in. I tossed the ball for Dixie, quickly realizing that we really needed to get closer to the water onto the wet sand to play ball. She came back to me with a face (and ears, and eyes, and mouth) full of sand. But she is still Dixie, obsessed to the end with chasing the ball and was not interested in standing still for very long for me to get all of the sand wiped off.

I took her out closer to the water, and slowely lured her into the surf, just enough to cover her paws. She looked down, a bit curious, but as soon as the tide started to go out, and the sand began to shift under her feet, she bolted. Uh- uh. So I spent about an hour throwing the ball for her, doing my best to trick her back into the water, but she is way too smart for that! She would watch out of the corner of her eye, and if she saw the waves headed back in to where her ball was, she would just back up and wait. She only tasted the water once – thank goodness. I knew that it would make her sick, so I was sure to bring water in the car for her.

We had lots of fun. She really enjoyed just standing with the wind blowing across her and watching the waves. That was kinda neat to watch. Do I know my dog, or what?


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