If it is not one thing it is another..and another..

I finally got the kids in Friday morning for the state required physical they had to have have in order to start school. Those having gone well, Justin who had to get a tetanus shot might have another word for it, I had all of my ducks in a row – my two proofs of residences, shot records on a blue form, birth certificates–

Well, I thought I had all of my ducks in a row, but one of them has decided to wander a bit.

First, we take the papers by Justin’s new school, Ridgeview High School (the kids think it’s funny – he just left Ridgefield High School and the middle school was View Ridge..now that I write it, not so funny…)..anyway…the counselor who hasn’t been particularly welcoming to begin with makes him an appointment to see the junior adviser on Monday morning. All is well and we head out to Little Reese’s new school, Dr.’s Inlet Elementary.

This is where my ducks start to wander…I take Little Reese and his papers into the office and she goes through them, yes, yes..oh, where’s his birth certificate? It is that little card right there, that is what they gave me when I had him. That little card that has been used as his birth certificate at three different schools in two different states and two different little league programs is apparently not the right thing that I need for him to go to school here in the sunshine state. It could take me up to – are you ready?- 2 months to get his birth certificate! So he has already been out of school two and a half weeks..

I got home and called the state of South Carolina and they sent me to their web site where it could have still taken me 2 weeks to get it, but I decided to pay $47.70 to get it in 2-5 days. Whew! Got that duck back in line – hey – hey wait!! Come back here! Stupid ducks! I just got the other one back and then the phone rings..

Ridgeview High School is now calling. Since Ridgefield High School did not send any grades with his records, they can not let him go to school there? WHAT!?!? Oh man – that duck is getting away, hold on.. Alright, I sent Justin and Reese to school for the eleven days of the school year we were in Washington for so that they would not be too far behind, I knew they would miss some, but at least they would have started. Apparently, that was not enough. Ridgefield did not send grades with he records, and because the 9 weeks is almost up, he can not go to their school. He has to go to night school or worse – alternative school. I DON”T THINK SO. So, I grabbed my duck by the butt feathers and held on tight. I called Ridgefield and they told me that because I did not withdraw Justin that the teachers didn’t put any grades down. That she would try to see if there are any of his teachers who still had his grades, but she doubted it. I believe I have discovered that the teachers didn’t necessarily not send the grades, but were not asked for them in order for them to be put on the transcripts. I penned up all of my ducks and e-mailed the principal and told him what was going on (and of course about the not so helpfulness of the front office) as well as all of his teachers. One teacher has aready e-mailed me to let me know he has turned his grades in, so let’s cross our fingers…

I relaxed a bit, got the ducks settled at home and went on out to meet Reese at the DMV to get our drivers licenses changed. Damn ducks followed me! It is my turn and we fill out all of the papers, register to vote and her face kind wrinkles up into that “What the hell?” look. She says that I am on the national registry and my drivers license is suspended in Georgia. Now I say- “WHAT THE HELL??” I haven’t even lived in Georgia in almost 5 years! I have had a Washington license…so I huff and puff..and swear a bit..Reese tells me to calm down, call the number they gave me while we waited on his to print and find out what is up. So, I take a deep breathe and call. They suspended my license because I did not call and tell them when I changed my name on my social security card. HUH?? I didn’t even have a GA license then!?!

Anyway, I now have a Florida driver’s license, a birth certificate that should be written in gold for Reese, and probably a home school student- cause there is no way he is going to go to alternative school- and DUCK SOUP.

Screw keeping the ducks in a row. Anyone have any good recipes?


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