Our Trip Across Country..the Readers Digest version

I must tell the story through a highlight reel because there are so many other things going on these days that if I don’t, I may never get around to it.

Friday, after they finished loading all of our stuff on the truck, I took Little Reese and two of his friends, Devin and Spencer to eat pizza with us. Later, Reese and Dixie spent the night with Spencer, Justin spent the night with his best friend, Bruce, and I stayed the night at the nicest Holiday Inn Express ever. I am not sure if it was nice, or if the fact that it was QUIET that made it seem so wonderful, but it was a pretty good, much needed, nights rest.

I started bright and early the next morning with cleaning the house and a good cry with my best Friend Kim. I told you- we always tried not to make friends, so this move has been a bit difficult. As the day wore on though, I realized my plan to leave Ridgefield by 10:00 a.m. was falling through ( I realized this at 11:15). So, I asked Kim if she would finish up the cleaning for me, and the kids and the dog and I headed out.

We made into Boise around 11:00 p.m. having eaten at McDonald’s twice that day. Bruce was concerned we were going to have car problems on the way, but in the end, the van was fine, the windshield on the other hand, well, there have been horror movies made with less bugs than this.

We headed the next day for Salt Lake City and stopped to have dinner with Brad and Lynn. Little Reese could not wait to see his friend Evan again (they used to live around the corner from us and moved about two years ago) and I was looking forward to seeing Lynn and some adult conversation. It was great to see how much her kids have grown! Eenie was just 1, I think when they moved and she has grown a bunch.

On our way out of SLC the next day, we stopped to let Dixie go to the bathroom. I was looking at the beautiful lake behind us when I happened to look down at Dixie, just in time to keep her from dropping bum on a cactus! That would have made for an interesting trip.

Some further highlights… we stayed in a couple of “Stupid 8” style hotels and then there were the Timbers Suites in Denver and The Sheraton Sports Complex in St.Louis. That was a man’s hotel all around. We went thirty minutes out of our way in Kansas so that we could go to the Wizard of Oz museum. It was closed, as was the Oz Winery. Toto’s Taco’s was open, but darn it! We had already had dinner! We stopped on our way out of St. Louis and took a walk to see the Archway. The kids wanted to go up inside, but we had the dog with us, so we couldn’t- no dog’s allowed.

We decided to find a park in which to eat lunch and play with Dixie, she had been so good the whole trip that we wanted to get her some exercise. I also wanted to clean out the van and move some things around, so we stopped at a Subway and grabbed some sandwiches and headed on to a huge state park somewhere near the Tennessee/Kentucky border. The kids ate and played with the dog and as I cleaned out the van, I noticed I was missing a package of wax lips – you know the kind you get at Halloween, taste like cherry? I had picked some up at Cracker Barrel and now a pack was missing. Well, not exactly missing. I knew who had eaten them. DIXIE! I yelled across the parking lot while I shook the package. She came creeping towards me with her ears down, stopped and gave me her best I’m sorry look and gave me her “I’m sorry” paw. Now the kids are kinda freaked out – particularly Reese. I called our vet, as well as four other vets between Kentucky and north Georgia and got many different answers, but mostly, just watch for diarrhea – great. Just what anyone on a long trip with a dog wants to hear. Can we go back to the cactus, please?

In the -umm- end, all was well. No harm done from eating wax lips. I guess if the kids can, she can.

We made it to Blue Ridge, Georgia on Thursday evening. We ate at one of the best Mexican places ever-and they didn’t even have margaritas! The hotel had a game room- so Dixie and I had a few minutes of quiet time while the kids fed some quarters to a air hockey table and to sleep we went.

We met my sister and her husband and girls in Blue Ridge for lunch the next day and again took the kids and dog to a park- but put the wax lips far out of reach. The kids hadn’t seen each other In a very very long time, so it was great to watch them all play together again- even as teens they were still playing. It was fun.

Then on to Mema and Grandaddies we went. Mema and Grandaddy had a birthday party for Little Reese and the family, which was so fun to get to see Reese’s family, too. I think Reese and Jeanette loved Dixie – and Dixie did them- they played ball with her and never told her to go lay down! Reese flew in from Florida so he could drive the rest of the way with us and we made it to Florida, finally, about 8:30 Sunday night (21st).

Wait till tomorrow – I’ll tell you about yesterday! What joy.


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