Now that I can finally see the floor…

I am taking a short breather to tell you about our trip. Actually, I am going to start the week before our trip with Little Reese’s last birthday party with all of his Washington friends.

His birthday is not until September 27th, but he wanted to have a party with all of his friends so I planned one for September 11th (a new, nice memory of that day for me). Yet another day of running around like a chicken with my head cut off (which they really do, according to Kim, she grew up on a farm), the party was to start at 5:30 and at 5:10 I was in Vancouver waiting on pizzas. Luckily, Justin and Reese’s friend Spencer’s older brother, Tyler, were there to keep up with the few kids who got there early. As I pulled up in front of the house, Devin’s mom Stacy, was taking his little brother out of the stroller – she was going to hang out until I got back. She asked if I wanted her to stay and I said some adult company would be nice, but I had the party – all 15 kids – under control. YEAH RIGHT!!!

As they all arrived, I handed each a light saber (Reese was having a Star Wars party – surprised?) and sent them out to the back yard to play. Ummm…hmm. It seemed like a good idea when I thought of it. But fifteen 8(9) year olds with light sabers and liscence to “kill”= mass chaos! If it hadn’t been for Justin and Tyler out there with them, there might have been some injuries.

After the destruction of a few light sabers, it was pizza time. I had pulled the dining room and kitchen tables together, borrowed a few chairs from next door so the kids could all sit together. Pizza time went well, and we had just enough.

We made some Star Wars masks and they went to play while we set up the pinata. Now we have gone from giving these boys (and two girls) permission to hit each other with light sabers to hitting around each other with baseball bats. I didn’t think ahead alot on some of this. So, we did pinata stuff- with kids who excel at baseball, so pinata time did not last long. Then went in for cake and presents. Luckily for me, again, Stacy was there to help. She helped to fill drinks and things and then pass out gifts while I crawled around on the carpet picking up crumbs of chocolate cake. Our house was still on the market, after all.

The party that was supposed to be over at 7:30 finally broke up at 9:00, with Little Reese having had the most fun at his birthday party ever. I hope so, because I think that is the last (and also the only) birthday party I will have at home.

I remember recently reading my sister -in- law Camille’s blog ( about her youngest , Julianne’s birthday party, and how wonderfully organized and calm it was. Wow. For every bit as calm and organized hers was, mine was chaos and mayhem!


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