Sarah Palin?

I am a republican. Reese called me a bleeding heart liberal at the beginning of our relationship, but I think I have come a long way since then. I admit it, I voted for – oh, I am so sorry President Bush, I realize now the error of my youth, for Bill Clinton the first time I voted. I truly went in with the intention of voting for Ross Perot, but at the last minute thought “But that would possibly be just one less vote for Clinton that could keep Bush in office” . Boy, was I naive! At the time, I had a boyfriend in Iraq and I was still living with my parents, so I really had no idea who FICA was. I have learned so much since then.

Anyway, on to present times. Obviously, I will vote for McCain. No doubt. Obama is an insane socialist who I think does not have enough life experience, let alone political experience, to run the most powerful country in the world, let alone control the government that controls my pocket book and children’s future. What concerns me is Sarah Palin.

I agree with many things she stands for. I am definitely against government corruption, I mean, what honest person wouldn’t be?

NRA? The second amendment. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Of course, I am sure the writers had no idea that there would be automatic weapons in the hands of bullied suicidal teenagers, but still, I say again, people kill people. They could have just as easily driven car through the pep rally.

Anwar, Alaska. Drill, baby, drill! We have our own oil! We don’t need theirs!! Sure, we should also keep working towards renewable resources, but in the meantime…

Creationism in schools? Sure -as long as it is taught along with science, so that kids are given both ideas so that they can make their own decisions.

I could go on, but here is where my worries begin…

I am pro-choice. I am not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. She is very pro-life. She is not just pro-life, to me, she is anti-choice. Yes, she has a down syndrome baby. Cu dos to her for having him, but I am a firm believer that God does not give “special” children to people who can not handle it. She has a pregnant teenage daughter who is going to have her baby. That is wonderful! She is having her baby because she has a CHOICE. I was a teen mom. I had a choice. My sister was a teen mom. She had a choice. The many teens who decide to have a choice. Those who decide not to, have a choice. The woman who is raped and gets pregnant, has a choice. The young girl who’s brother or father or uncle rapes her has a choice. These women who get raped and then get pregnant, if they are forced to have the baby, they have the chance to be victimized twice – because once the baby is born, the rapist can seek parental rights. How is that right? She says that the only time that abortion should be an option is if the mother’s life is in danger, well, that could very well be the case there. I know that she means that if the mother is going to die because of the pregnancy – I think that is one of the most selfish reasons of all. If I am pregnant, and I must give my life for that baby to be born, then so be it. But I am not in that position, so it is not for me to say. Nor is it for her to say whether that rape victim should have to have her rapists baby. I do not care the reason the woman wants to have an abortion- I just want it to be – to quote again that awful Bill Clinton- safe, legal and rare. If it can’t be as rare as we would like, it should be SAFE – not in back alley’s with dirty coat hangers. To keep it safe, it has to stay legal.

If she wants to keep us from having a choice -she needs to not be against sex education. Sure, parents should be taking care of that. But they don’t – I had already had 2 children before I talked to my mom about sex! I am sure my sister had had at least one! We are not exceptions – we are the norm. I try to talk to my teen about it. But not all parents do. SO, with that – it is left to the schools -the only other place that our kids can get sex education- church teaches abstinence. That is ideal, but not always practical.

I think those are about my biggest issues with it all, though McCain and Palin are still a much better choice than Obama as far as I am concerned. I guess I will just have to possibly get more involved in the pro-choice fight if/when the time comes.


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