To sleep, per chance to dream..

If only…since Reese left for Florida, a full nights sleep seems to be out of the question. I thought for a while it was the dog who had the separation anxiety, waking me up licking my hand in the middle of the night. Come to find out, though, I think it is me. I lie awake tossing and turning, eventually getting up and watching TiVo’ed “Law and Order” marathon’s all night long.

We have been apart like this before. He traveled alot when we were first together in Arkansas. Then when he was with Michael’s, he lived in Texas for six months while we stayed in Kennesaw, again waiting for a house to sell. Thank God that one didn’t sell at the time!

It’s different this time for some reason. I don’t know why. Same people with at me house. In fact, I even have the dog now – smart as she is- almost like another kid – but I can leave her at home all day if I want. Maybe it’s because the housing market is the way it is. There is so much uncertainty as to how long it is going to take to sell it and how much we will actually get for it. There is no end in site.


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