Little Reese’s first real concert

When Little Reese was 6, we took him to see James Taylor.  While this was a real concert, it was not quite the same experience as say, Kenny Chesney or The Police – the two shows that he really wanted to see this summer. I tried to explain to him that it was very different. The James Taylor show was more of a relaxed, sit down and enjoy the music show. Heck, he even went to sleep – not because it was boring, but because he was little and it was his bed time.

So, when I saw that Joe Nichols was coming with the Clark County Fair, I thought this would be a good chance for Little Reese to get a feel for a “real” concert, and the tickets weren’t very expensive, so if it didn’t go well, I wouldn’t be out much by leaving early.

We got there and we had GREAT seats, 4th row. When he came out, of course as happens at most concerts, everyone stands up, but he said he could still see, between a couple people’s heads in the front rows. After a few songs, thoug, I caught him plugging his ears. Since the grandstand was open seating, we went back there and watched for a little while. Soon, though, he was bored, so we headed on to check out the sights, sounds and um – smells of the county fair.

We snuck through the barn as they were taking the cows out for the night, dodging piles of fertilizer they left behind. Then on to the snakes – eww. Reese loved it. The 4-h club had a dog show, so while he checked out the hunting and fishing stuff, I watched a bit of the dog show – the kids were too cute – Westminster look out.

As we walked on, we came to the rides and we remembered the year before last that we came to the fair. We rode a bunch of going in circle rides, ate cotton candy and candied apples, then Reese threw up and we started all over again. He decided he didn’t want to do that again- his stomach was feeling icky just thinking about it!

We headed home about 9:30 and are planning to head back to ride rides with the kids down the street either today or tomorrow. Should be fun – and since we are going with others, I hopefully won’t have to ride quite as many rides. Too many circles for me!


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