Staging Your Home for Sale

While I was in Florida last week, I took some time to start looking for a house. Before we left our house for the trip down, we got it ready to show. That included alot of cleaning and organizing, and now that I am home, a bit of staging. What I don’t understand is, while looking at houses there, I saw many homes that had barely been picked up, let alone cleaned, before being shown.

Our realtor, Dave, called and made appointments to see every house. The people who lived in the homes knew we were coming, but yet only two of the 14 homes we saw over the two days we looked were clean. One was lived in by real estate agents, so they knew, and the other was a navy man, and well, from what I know about military people, there would never be a thing out of place anyway. Most of the houses had dishes over flowing the sinks – clean, but still all over. Wet towels in the bathroom, 2 inches of dust on the ceiling fans. Oh- and the clutter!I know that the first thing to do is to de -clutter, clear out excess furniture, toys, take things off the walls and counters..anything to make the house look bigger. Leave lights on and blinds open. Clean the cob webs from the corners and spider webs from the porch.

I know you have to still live in the house, but it is possible to do that and keep it clean and ready to show. I have two kids and have done this many times. It is possible. It is possible to leave when the house is being shown as well. They call ahead and make appointments.

I think these things are obvious, aren’t they? Especially in this market. If you want a house to sell, it needs to look and feel better than all of the others.


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