Dinner with Joe and Camille

After our scenic trip through the North Georgia Mountains, we got into Cumming about 1:00 p.m. We checked into the Sun Suites (I had really hoped for something a bit nicer than the Stupid 8, but alas, no such luck.) got the cat settled and headed to Buddy’s parents house for the afternoon.

We sat and talked for a bit, relaxed and watched a little television. Their dog, Cinnamon, had passed away about two weeks before and I realized how quiet it was without her there. I think I may have to check into getting them a dog for Christmas.

I decided to head on over to Joe and Camille’s, I had told her earlier in our trip that I would help her with dinner when we got in. Truth is, she has two of the most adorable little girls, Julianne and Charla, and I really wanted to see them before everyone else got there. So, as I got there she was working on my father-in – law’s home made bbq sauce – or trying to. He gave me the recipe years ago, but only told her where to look for it – well, Southern Living has 5 million recipes for bbq sauce! I am glad I went over early, she had looked up the wrong one. So, she corrected it with a quick phone call and dinner was about ready. Yum. My mother-in-law brought her yummy potato salad, Catherine brought slaw and Camille made this AWESOME peach cobbler (that I did not eat nearly enough of). YUMMY!

Little Reese got to see Alan and all of the kids got to play downstairs in the basement – after being cooped up in the car for a week , I am sure that was heaven for Goose and I know he was looking forward to seeing Alan. After being cooped up in the car for a week, it was nice for Buddy and I to have adults to talk to as well.

Cracked me up, though. Everyone was there but Joe, and we were waiting on him to arrive before we ate. In the meantime, the kids had gotten out toys to play with. When he came in, the first thing he did was start cleaning up the toys! If it were anyone else, I might have thought “well, hello to you too!” but I think it funny because he and his brother are JUST ALIKE. Buddy would have done the same thing!

What bugs me about that btw, with Buddy not Joe, is that the kids were playing with those toys! Wait till they are finished! In fact- instead – make them clean them up! I have had to learn that lesson——– wait – that is another blog for another time!

Dinner went well. The tension that was there at Christmas seemed to be almost gone – thank goodness. The only conversation that came close to serious was the one over my new tattoos. Hmmm. I knew that could happen. Of course, I think most of the family thinks I am an airhead who has a screw loose anyway! (It’s true, ya know)

After dinner, we talked for a few and headed on back to the Sun Suites to get a good nights sleep (yeah- right!) before we got back on the road for the last day of our drive.


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