On the Road Again…

Ok, today is Thursday, our fifth day on the road. I had planned a sort of daily update, but it took us a few days to figure out how to get our computer to cooperate with the wireless signal of the Stupid 8 Hotels (as Goose calls them) and well, quite honestly, by the time we get settled in our room after driving 600 miles a day – all I want to do is sleep. Blogging had been put on the back burner- or in the trunk.

Super 8 Hotels. Well. Hmm. I guess the best we can really say about them is that they are better than the Motel 6. We have had to stay in them because they were the only hotel chain I could find who took pets, and since we are traveling with Pretty, that is kind of important.

On Monday we left Twin Falls, Idaho and had plans to stop and meet a friend for a quick lunch in Salt Lake City. Lynn was the first person I met in our neighborhood in Washington (aka the rainy side of hell) and her son Evan and Little Reese were like best friends while they lived around the corner. Lynn and her family escaped from Washington last spring, but we have kept in touch and thought the kids would love to see each other. Well, we were on our way and somehow got lost. When we found our way again, we got on the highway past where we were supposed to meet them is all I can figure. I told Goose that when we take our next trip out, the final move trip, we would plan it so that we would have a whole day to stay and play with Evan -with directions to go straight to his house.

That evening, we got into Cheyenne, WY – just in time for Pioneer Days and the Rodeo! Yee HA! I haven’t seen that many cowboy hats in one place since the last time I went to the Sundance Saloon! I am glad I called ahead for a reservation, cause even the Motel 6 didn’t have any vacancies.

Tuesday we headed out again. I am really not sure who complains the most about being in the car – Little Reese or the cat. It is a real competition between the two. She is very funny. We will open her crate and let her wonder around the car a bit, and she finally ventured to the front seats on Tuesday – that is – until a tractor trailer goes by- then she can’t get back in her crate fast enough! She wonders all over the room all night. Reese figures she’s looking for the rest of the house.It can get aggravating – she comes and licks my hand at all hours of the night and then pounces off our backs onto the shelves. UGH!

Last night and on into this morning – we were in Marion, IL – the water tasted and smelled like potting soil. YUCK. But, we were one stop closer to the end of our trip.

Now, tonight, we are finally in Georgia. We have stopped in our last Stupid 8 and tomorrow, we will go by to see my sister for a little bit and head on to Cumming, to stay in a Sun Suites extended stay – only for a night, but they were the closest for pets and the rest of the family is allergic to cats. We are supposed to eat dinner with Joe and Camille and the rest of Reese’s family and Saturday morning – leave for Florida! HOME! Well, home #2, right now, until we sell the Washington house. Cross your fingers!

Look on my page in a few days, I’ll put some pics up of our trip.


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