and away we go!

Sunday, July 20th, Little Reese, Buddy and I took Pretty (our cat) left Washington and set out on the yellow brick road for the beginning of the next chapter of our lives in Florida.

I have never traveled with a cat. I have a friend who has and I asked for her advice. She suggested that I get a harness, like the one we put on Dixie, so that we could take her out of the car when we stopped and let her “stretch her legs”. Good idea. So, I stopped by walmart before we left and picked up a small litter box to take with us and a small harness.

No, as we travel along, the cat is just as vocal about her dislike of this long ride as Beaker is. We get into Idaho and decide to stop for lunch. We go to McDonalds so that we can eat quickly – we can’t really bring her in with us and it will get pretty hot in there quickly. As we were finishing up, I went on outside to the car to take the cat for a walk. Yeah, right.

I opened the car door and her cage door and after several attempts finally got her collar on. Next was the harness. Well, I got the size for a “toy dog” because unlike Petco and Target, Walmart does not sell cat harnesses. Well, my cat is much bigger than a toy dog (btw- I have never seen a gog small enough to use this harness), this harness did not fit. I decided to just attatch the leash to the collar and took her out of the car and set her on the curb. All is well now, right? Oh – if only I had brought the video camera. It took the cat about thirty seconds to rip her head out of the collar and she raced under the car. So I look up and there is Reese and Beaker in the window of McDonalds laughing their asses of at me crawling under the cars trying to catch the cat! I would get her to one side and run to get her and she would race under the truck parked next to us.

Finally, Beaker comes out to try to help. By now, though, Pretty has found a place in the middle of the car, just under the oil pan, where we could not reach her.

As Reese finally contained his laughter, he came out and drug her out from under the car. There was my Pretty gray and white kitty – black and gray.


More tomorrow.


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