8 Days and counting..

The count down is starting – we have 8 days until we leave for the drive to Florida and I am still waiting on the realtor here in Washington. Hello?? Are you going to list the house without me? I guess right now, it is o.k. that the agent has not been in contact, because there is no way I want anyone to see my house the way it looks right now (of course, it is 10:00 pm on Saturday night).

We went today and bought some trees and bushes to plant in the back yard on our naked hill – look for pictures on my main page soon. We also got a medicine cabinet for the boys bathroom, extra storage – always a plus, right? A ceiling fan for the last bedroom without one and now we are ready to get busy. I say “we” as a collective that still does not involve me, though when it comes to planting things – that is fine by me. I will stay inside with the cleaning I can do, and our friend Kim’s daughter, McKayla will come down to help with some cleaning Monday or Tuesday.

Until then..pray for me – cause I am back to considering blowing up the playstation again.


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