Florida or Bust!

So, I really wanted to put a picture with this blog – a picture of us with the “FOR SALE” sign in the front of our house here in Ridgefield, but the process is slow moving here.

A bit of back story here…

June 9, Reese received a request for his resume from a company based in Jacksonville, Florida. He sent it out to them and a phone interview followed 2 days later. The next day, the company started making arrangements to fly him out for a face to face interview. My surgery was scheduled the following Tuesday, so they made arrangements for him to leave on Sunday, Father’s Day, and to interview on Monday. So, that’s what he did. He returned home on Monday, we went on to the hospital on Tuesday and that morning he receieved a phone call from Winn Dixie offering him a position with their company in Florida.

YIPPEE!! What a great thing to wake up to, huh?

Ok, so now we are trying to get the house ready to sell – which is very difficult when you are trying to recover from major surgery and aren’t allowed to lift, pull, push, vaccuum or sweep. (See earlier post – 3 men taking care of my house!) It is hard for others to take care of alot of these things for me because it is very difficult to explain the things I want done. I also have guilt (I know I shouldn’t) for not helping.

The company has a relocation company to help with the process. I have never worked with one before – this both helps and holds us up. Helps ALOT on the Florida end. They are taking care of finding temporary housing, real estate agent there, and they even have their own mortgage company that will help with many aspects of the new home purchase. Unfortunately – the wheel here in Washington has been very slow turning. UGH! I am a patient person (I know that many will find that hard to believe) but when you are trying to sell a house – especially these days – time is definitely money. The longer we wait, the longer it is going to take. Hopefully we will have a sign in the yard by the end of the week.

We leave to drive to Florida on July 20th, as Reese is supposed to start at Winn Dixie on the 28th. Wish us luck!


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