It’s not exactly all I am asking for, really, but ya know,a litle would be a nice start. I pause the television show I am watching to answer the phone. I leave it paused through out the phone call, because it is rude to watch television and talk on the phone at the same time. As I pass the call on to Buddy, I leave the television paused because it is still rude to have the t.v. on while you are on the phone. While he is on the phone, I walk next door to let my neighbor know that if she needs any doggie xanax this week (fireworks started yesterday) for her aussie, that I have some. I come home and Buddy is still on the phone, and the show is still paused, and you would think that I might get to watch that show after having it paused for so long.

But for some reason, it is o.k. in our house to just change the television from what someone else was watching to video games without saying “Hey – were yo watching that?” or “Hey – kiss my ass -I am going to play my game, I have only played for 4 hours today I am 8 hours behind..”

Nope. Here we just change it. I know, I know, I was the duffus who bought the playstation to begin with – but he would have eventually if I hadn’t, so I beat him to the punch.

Some would say “Hey, he works all week, he should get to play the game on the weekend” WRONG! He does work during the week, yes. Here is how my day goes – I get up at 6:30 a.m. with him as he leaves for work. I make myself a cup of coffee and start watching the news. About 7 a.m. Little Reese gets up, asks for breakfast. I get up and as I fix his breakfast, he turns of the news and turns on the video game. He puts it on cartoons while he eats breakfast and then puts it back on video game after he finishes eating. I let him play for about an hour – even though, did you notice that no one asked me if I was watching anything? Then Justin gets up and takes over the game after a bit of bickering – there it is again – consideration. Then we go through this till lunch. Can we watch cartoons while we eat? Fine. Then you have to go upstairs. They go upstairs and I clean up from lunch. About 10 minutes later, “I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?” “Can I watch cartoons while I have a snack?” Then on to the game again while I clean up the kitchen again- Oh and did I mention that I am not supposed to do heavy house cleaning for 4 – 6 weeks? By now it is say, 1:30 and now there is a friend or two who wants to come in. Upstairs. Then downstairs. “Can we have a snack?” Can we watch cartoons?” “Spencer hasn’t seen this part on the video game can I show him?”

Speed forward a bit until 3:00. Now Justin – who by the way has been hogging my computer all day, asks (yes, he does once in a while) if he can play the game? Whatever. An alarm must sound in Little Reese’s head- Hey! It is my turn to play the game! Daddy will be home and I will never get to play!!

I let Justin play until 4:00, I start in on a Law and Order:SVU and now Reese is really whining. I want to play the game….over and over.

Remember what I said about Daddy getting home and he won’t be able to play? Well, the reason is not because dad says no. I want to watch the news. Not no, mom was watching something. Not no, I want to spend quality time with my sons. Nope. None of that.

Dad comes home, changes his clothes and turns on the game. Notice he hasn’t asked if I was watching that? At least he says Hello before he starts. He does help with the cleaning of the kitchen after dinner. Lets just hope no one gets interested in any television shows during dinner. Or that the kids want some quality time.

hmm. He says I make too big a deal about this. I think I’ll take a poll.


One response to “Consideration

  1. Oh, so glad I have girls! For now, anyway…

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