Too much..too soon..

I know, I know. They said it would be 3 or 4 weeks until I felt better, but I don’t feel bad- I am not hurting at all. So, yesterday I took Dixie for a walk to the park. I knew that once we got there, the kids (no matter who was there) would take over from there and throw the ball for her, and I could rest until it was time to go. I stayed, talking to one of the other moms for about an hour – much longer than I had planned- but little Reese was there and wanted to play, and well, I felt okay..until the walk home. Whoa.

But I don’t get it. They didn’t take out any vital parts. I wasn’t using it anymore. I understand the no bending, lifting and pulling, there are stitches. Why do I get tired doing so little? They told me I would, just not why.

I drove today for the first time since the surgery. We went to Home Depot and to Costco and a quick trip by the grocery store for the few things I needed that they didn’t have at Costco that I needed. I took Justin with me so if I needed him to drive he could (!) and he could do the lifting at Costco. Still, just the walking was enough to bench me for the rest of the day.

No fun, no fun. The kids are still pretty good helping out – they don’t exactly volunteer, but they don’t grumble much when I ask them to help.

Watch the blogs..good news is coming…Friday.


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