Operation was a success!

In case you don’t know, and since we did not tell many people, there’s a good possibility that you didn’t, I was in the hospital at the beginning of the week. I had a scheduled hysterectomy on Tuesday, the 17th. All went well, and I was sent home on Thursday – not a moment too soon. They were doing construction in the hallway next to mine, and I was in the last room of the hall. Of course, that only hindered my sleep during the day. My nightly rest was interrupted every two hours by Pete, the night nurse, who insisted only holding conversations whenever he came in to check my vitals. He seemed to have lots of energy – the kind of energy you get when you down 10 red bulls just before the beginning of your shift. UGH! But hey – I was only there three days, two nights. The surgery was completely uneventful. No stitches to be seen and there are no cuts to scar. Dr. Hutchinson was able to do it all with out having to make a single incision.

I found out I was going to have to have a hysterectomy in early May. I decided not to tell anyone because it was not a life or death situation. Hysterectomies used to be a really big deal. Major surgery and you were down for six to eight weeks. It is still that way sometimes, but not this time. They did not have to cut me at all, and it could have almost been an outpatient surgery- except that I am a big -BIG – whiner. I have had minor, quick fix type surgeries in the past to try and get rid of the dysplaysia, but hadn’t had much success. When my last test came back abnormal, I talked it over with my doctor and we decided that with my family history of cancer, and since we weren’t planning on any more kids (no way!) that a hysterectomy would really be the best way to go. We have great insurance right now, I have a few close friends who could be there to help if I needed, so I said – Let’s do it!

Of course, I had a couple of scheduling conflicts. I can’t drive for a few days after, I have to be off pain pills, and when we were working with scheduling, I still had to drive Justin to school in the morning for his early class. So, it had to wait until after school was out. Then of course, most important (to me, anyway)- the Kenny Chesney concert – yes, my doctor said that she had heard it all when I told her that I needed to schedule my surgery around Kenny Chesney. I just wanted to be 100 % at the concert, so, if I needed to wait…. we waited – it wasn’t like it was a life and death thing. I scheduled my surgery around Kenny Chesney – I should have written him a letter or called a radio show or something – a true fan. Ha ha.

So, anyway, I let one person from each of our families know- my sister – of course that made my mom kinda mad, but I didn’t want her to worry, and I told my sister in law- who I also consider a good friend and we told our close friends here so that they could help us with the kids and any transportation issues that came up.

In the end, we did end up telling our mothers the night before and they weren’t exactly pleased, but I hope they understand. I just didn’t want anyone to worry – because it isn’t that big of a deal! I was very excited- I mean, come on – what good are those parts for, really, once you have decided for sure not to have any more kids?

I did ask the doc how much the uterus weighs. She laughed and said that I would not believe how many people ask that. But sorry, only about 8 ounces, so it wasn’t going to make that big of a difference in my weight. Damn. She used to practice in Arizona and said that it wasn’t unusual for doctors to perform tummy tucks when they did hysterectomies. Hmmm….she said she wouldn’t, though. Damn again. I guess I am going to have to do it the hard way, huh?

But not for six more weeks. Until then, I can not vacuum. I can not empty the washing machine. I can not empty the dryer, the dishwasher. I can’t lift anything heavier than half a gallon of milk. Sounds great, huh? Uh-no. I have been home and recouping for 3 days- and this sucks – and leaving my house and home to be taken care of completely by men – OH LORD! I KNOW I can not take six weeks of this!! Not that they are not trying… hmm…just have to get their attention away from PS3.

Give me a couple of days – I’ll be back on my feet. With GREAT news – trust me.


One response to “Operation was a success!

  1. I’m glad everything went well and they didn’t have to cut you. Maybe you need a bell that way every time you hear them start to play a game you could ring it and tell them you need something. I would tell you to think of it like a vacation but I know you that would never happen. I know right now your wondering how to get the laundry done and the floor vacumed, cause I know that the dish washer is Justin and Little Reese’s job. Now is the time for the boys to learn how to run the washer and dryer and how to run the vacume. It won’t kill the I promise..

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