“Too old to be wild and free, too young to be over the hill…”

As I am trying to shop for clothes to update my summer wardobe  this is the song verse that keeps running through my head.

I have been waiting for months for the Kenny Chesney concert and finally the date is here! So, I went shopping yesterday to find something fun to wear to the concert.

UGH! Here’s where too old but too young comes into play. Once again, I think I am a tweener! I head to Macy’s and take a stroll through the juniors department, and well, it’s not just the few (more than a few) pounds I have put on this winter that are keeping me out of the clothes in the juniors department.  I have seen women who have worn clothes too young for them and asked Reese to please let me know when that day comes for me. He said he wouldn’t have too, that I would know. Well, yesterday, I knew.

Thinking about it, I know that it hasn’t happened all of a sudden. I realize now that I had weeded out the short-shorts a year or two ago. As much as I like the attitude shirts, there are quite a few that are just not appropriate for a 30-something mom to wear.

So, I left the juniors department…but what’s left? The “groan up” clothes (no, I did not spell that wrong – I mean groan). I love the classy grown up clothes. Polo, Nautica, Liz. BUT. I am not ready for that all the time yet. Those are still dress up clothes for me. I still want to be “cool”.

So where does the 30 something tweener shop?

I guess, on the bright side, it is supposed to be cold and rainy (in Washington, who’d have thunk, huh?) on the night of the concert, so jeans, a t-shirt and hoody will probably be the attire for most everyone, anyway.


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