I received a call about 6:45 this morning from our friend Kim letting me know that school is on a two hour delay (she knows she has to call me because she knows that between Nickalodean and video games I never would have seen the news). Why? Vandalism is all they said.

Vandalism? Hmm… so I sign into the local news website and discover that someone let the air out of all of the tires of the school buses that are parked each night. If this had happened say, in December, I would think, yeah vandalism, but this close to the end of the school year? I think senior prank.

Stupid senior prank. 

The class before ours in high school put a port-a-potty on the awning over the door to the senior hall and labeled it with the senior principal’s nickname – Yogi’s Office (he wasn’t well liked). A few years before this was awesome, though I have never heard how it was actually accomplished – our head principal drove a VW Beetle and somehow, it was put on top of the school. That was too cool. He was a nice guy and everyone really liked him. Maybe that’s why we had to have Yogi – good cop, bad cop type thing.

I think vandalism would have been slashing the tires, not just letting out the air. Not really all that funny to the adults, though I am sure the high school kids find humor in it, and the younger kids aren’t really complaining about having to go to school two hours later.

Only 11 more days of school. UGH! Is it over all ready?


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