Being green…

Ok, I admit it, I have never really been a very “green” person, even here in the land of tree huggers. Yet lately, I find myself cutting back here and there – not because I am concerned for the enviroment (more on that in a bit), but I am concerned about the impact gas prices are having on the green in my bank account!

Although I enjoy driving , it is one of my favorite things to do, carpooling has never been something I wanted to do. I have thought over the past couple of years that I should do more of it, living in this small town.Everyone has to go to the same places- the same ball field, the same school for the chorus concert, etc. and now that gas prices are out of control, I am actually beginning to do it. In fact, I have even started walking down town for some of the smaller errands, like the post office and dropping things off at the elementary school. As the weather warms up, we will also walk to the ballfield.

Anyway, as I look at how I have been saving a bit of money by cutting back on trips to the grocery store everyother day, I have begun to think of other ways to save. I do ALOT of laundry – and at least a load a day of towels. I have asked the kids to re-use their towels at least once, as we will, and see how that effects the water bill. Other things such as breaking down the cereal boxes and (my mom will love this – her idea) squishing the milk carton before trashing it so that it does not take up as much room. We are charged per trash can, and if we break things down to take less room, we can use fewer cans… I know I could recycle – but they charge for that and right now I am trying to look out for the condition of my checkbook a little more than the condition of the enviroment, which is in pretty good shape right now and I would like to keep it that way!

I do not think Global warming is nearly as bad as they want us to think. I have heard news reports that Al Gore’s dates were off in his “research” and that makes his theories wrong. Naturally, though, they gave the dim wit a Nobel prize, so that news can’t be shouted from the roof tops – someone would feel really stupid. I think the melting of the glaciers,etc. is just a cycle that the planet goes through and eventually will cycle back around to “normal” again.

I do believe we should recycle more. I also think we should cut back on the number of cars made. I think that instead of being allowed to build a new wal-mart across the street from the existing walmart,  that they should have to upgrade and improve the building they are in, instead of going across the country like locusts leaving empty blue buildings everywhere.

Here in nearby Oregon, they even recycle houses. As they tear down old houses, the keep as much as they can to use in new homes. I think that is a great idea!

Oh back to being green – the price of gas? I think they should dig up Alaska! Tell the oil countries we don’t need their oil, we have our own – seriously start working on it and I bet they come down on their prices..

Anyway! I have to get busy cleaning up, Little Reese and I have to walk back to school this after noon for a parent- teacher meeting!


One response to “Being green…

  1. Ok so you didn’t hear that the top 5 oil companieshad to go testifiy before congress and tell how much mony they are making. It is stupid, over the past 5 years the top 5 oil companies have made over, you ready for this 44 close to 45 BILLION DOLLARS. Then they had the never to sit there and say they are victims like every one else. Only 2 of the 5 top executives told what they made. One of them makes 20 million anually and the other 12.5. The other 3 said that they couldn’t remember. The sentors went nuts and told them all off. It was actually kind of funny.

    But you know i’m thinkig about getting a horse to save on gas and then if the food prices keep going up we can always eat it.(I AM JOKING!!!!!!!)

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