Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I was reminded a few days ago of something that  my mom had told me a long time ago, shortly after Justin was born. Mother’s Day is all about your Mother until you become a mother, and that makes it your day to spend however you want to.

Some Mother’s idea of the perfect Mother’s Day is to spend it with their children, breakfast in bed and having them cater to her every wim for the day. Some want to go to dinner with their children and famiilies….

Me? I would be happy with a day of the kids not whining! A day with no arguements..and hey, I wouldn’t complain if someone besides me folded some clothes. Of course, I am not going to complain if they want to take me out to dinner..

 I have a good friend who has a tennis match today – her team is in the finals! Good luck, I say! Kick ass!



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