My new tattoo..

I have had two tattoo’s – one on each ankle, for many years. On my right ankle is a dancing bear, from my wanna be Dead Head years. I wanted for a while to be “free” like the Dead Heads who followed the Grateful Dead from city to city.Luckily I realized I was not the type to go weeks without a shower and could not live off of grilled cheese sandwiches. So, I settled on having friends who loved the dead as much as I did – ok- more than I did, and a tattoo.

On my left ankle, which was actually my first tattoo, I had a plain, kind of boring, rose. A friend who was just beginning a tattoo “career”  did it, and I have always been satisfied with it, but it was simple and beginning to fade. Then I was burned and there were scars nearby.I have thought for a long time about what I could replace it with. At last I came up with something. It is a little bigger than I wanted to go, a LOT bigger than Reese wanted it – he is mad at me right now- but I really like it!

Anyway – this is it- what do you think?


One response to “My new tattoo..

  1. Wow, girl! You are brave! I will say it is very pretty…and it is very you. No way would I be brave enough to do that, but I’m happy for you that you finally got something new, especially if it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

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