If you don’t like the weather in Washington, wait a minute and it will change..

Boy will it!! Remember I was telling you how beautiful last weekend was? Yeah well…!

Yesterday, Saturday, exactly one week from the beautiful day, was Little Reese’s second ball game.

This one was very cold,but the sun was out. For a minute. Then it started raining – ALOT- but again, this is where we live and the kids are used to it. We all went to our cars and dug out the umbrellas we have but no longer use (only tourists use umbrellas) and we all sat under a big dome of shared umbrellas. Then around the third inning, the rain stopped and again, the sun peeked through.

After a round of Yeah, we’re all winners! We don’t keep score because if someone wins that means someone loses and if they lose their feelings may get hurt…

ok..ok.. I’ll stop.

How about “Great game!” Once the game was over, we headed home to get Reese and we headed out for lunch and male bonding time – Little Reese needed a cup and well, that is a father/son thing more than a mom thing.

On the way there, we saw a few snowflakes fall, but really the clouds just took over and it was yet another day in paradise here in drearyville. But as we left the store – HOLY COW! It started to hail!  The whole time we were on the highway in hailed! Couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us….but when we got off the highway at our exit, here comes the sun…

I saw a movie years ago, “The Seventh Sign”, with Demi Moore, remember that one? I seem to remember weather like this being some sort of sign of the apocolypse… should we be worried?


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