The joys of being 35…

Yes, I finally have to admit it. I am 35. Why do I have to admit it? Because I went to the doctor last week, who I have been seeing for the past four years, and he wouldn’t believe it again when I told him I was 25.

“You were 25 when you first came to see me.”

“Yes, that was the 6th anniversary of my 25th birthday, now it’s the tenth. Hey! Isn’t there some kind of special gift for 1o th anniversaries?”

“Yes, the gift for the 10th anniversary of your 25th birthday is a mammogram”

ON WHAT STRANGE HORRIBLE TWISTED PLANET DOES HE LIVE ON?!?! That’s not a gift! That’s like saying a man’s first time is “turn your head and cough”

So, this is it. I guess there is no denying it any more.

On the serious side of this, though, as much as it sucks to have to have it done, there is a very, very strong history of breast cancer in my family. As a matter of fact, my aunt just came home yesterday from the hospital, where on Friday she had her 2nd surgery for breast cancer. Her right breast was affected a few years ago. She was going for her annual exam and the doctor happened to find a spot in her left breast, larger than the last. A week later, she was in the hospital for her surgery. Thank God, they did not have to take the entire breast, and hopefully they did get the entire tumor.

She is why I am really trying not to complain about this. She had no symptoms. She did her self exams and didn’t feel any lumps. It was only because she was following her doctors schedule of routine check ups that it was found. So, I will go, because who knows – and some may say it is just a breast and they can cut it off and you can live without it… those “some who say” are probably men who have no idea how insensitive that sounds and how insensitive they can be – whether they mean it or not.

So, let’s all say a quick prayer for my Aunt Sarah, she is a wonderful woman and is so far coming through like a champ.

and well, if anyone is curious, I’ll let you know what they say about the twins once they have finished with them!

xoxoxoxo to all!


By the way, just to let you all know, I will NOT be getting any older than 35. I mean it. I have read about some of the tests they want to do on you as the years progress and they don’t sound very pleasant. So 35 is it. I am stopping here.


One response to “The joys of being 35…

  1. How do you plan on convincing the doctor that your 35 in 10 years. I know we can alter your birth records. But how we do that I have know idea. Maybe the test won’t be that bad. Oh the joys of getting older.

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