My, how we change…

I received a very interesting  e-mail from my oldest friend yesterday. We have known each other since the first grade, which means we have known each other for– no, no, no- I refuse to do the math – with Justin getting to be driver’s license age and starting to plan to join the army and college, I am already feeling a mid-life crisis coming on…

Anyway, back to my friend. She has been married for a few years so I was a bit surprised when she told me that she was getting a divorce. That wasn’t the most surprising part. She has a girlfriend. That was most, about 75% of the surprising part. The rest of it was that I think she thought I might not want to be friends with her anymore because she has realized that she is gay.

All that matters is that she is happy. Seriously. Times have changed so much since my parents – hell, even since my husband was younger. I think the gay think was just something that people whispered about. There was no way a suburban housewife would come out of the closet!

I think my generation is much more accepting of it. I have known quite a few gay people- mostly guys though- one who was a cross dresser who made a gorgeous woman! They went to my high school and when we all found out we did not ostracize them as I think would have happened in the past. I think we all had the same thoughts “Oh! That explains it! Now it makes sense!”

Until then, we thought Bryan C. a bit odd for wanting to be a cheerleader in redneck Jonesboro. M.H. had a fashion sense was amazing.

I was genuinely surprised at her revelation, I admit. But as long as she is happy, I am behind her 100%. Her kids will be o.k. with it, I think, for the same reasons I am. I think they are bothered more by the divorce than anything else. Her husband, well I guess maybe he could take comfort in at least she is not leaving him for another man, but I really can’t speak for his side of it all.

If one is truly a friend, they will love you and stand behind you no matter what. Aside from (hopefully) being happier, this doesn’t change who she is on the inside, at the core of her being. She is still a great friend, a great mother and sister – just happier.

I guess that’s all I have on that!!


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