Rock Springs Baptist Church…

Yesterday morning, we were watching CBS Sunday Morning. One of the stories they ran was about how much many churches collect in “tithes”. Tithes are called for in the Bible, though I am not sure that 10% is actually written anywhere. I was surprised though, that there is paperwork kept to keep track of how much you give.

We are friends with the Harrison’s, a family in our neighborhood who happen to be Mormon. While talking about the differences in our religions- which in the basics, there aren’t many, I discovered that their church keeps careful track of their members individual offerings. Until Sunday, I thought that was just a Mormon thing.

When I was little, our family went to Rock Springs Baptist Church. I remember the offering plate being passed. If you had an offering, you put it in the plate and passed it on, if you didn’t, well, you passed it on. I never remember filling out an envelope with our names on it. I can’t imagine Brother Tommy standing in front of us all reminding us that we are supposed to give 10% . In watching this news story, I felt as if these pastors are telling their congregations that if they don’t give 10%, well, they just aren’t giving their all and that maybe they aren’t going to make it into heaven. They even showed one church that had put in an ATM type machine.

I don’t understand this. I thought church was a place to go to worship. These churches sound like a bank where they are collecting your payments for your place in Heaven.

They talked quite a bit about the “television” preachers, the ones who have private jets and huge mansions. I have always wondered what they do with all of the offerings they collect. I hoped that they, being “men of God” would use the money to do good things. Help homeless shelters. Help the poor, the elderly, sick and needy. Instead, they buy planes and giant houses and vacation homes.

Monks and nuns give up everything. Brother Tommy didn’t live in a mansion. Still doesn’t. We had a very small church for many years. It was a great event when we built a new building. He doesn’t wear designer suits or drive a fancy car. His church does help needy people in the area. There were many Christmases in our house that would not have been quite as merry for us without the help of his church. Our church helped with our utilities when my dad was out of work. They helped with groceries. When we were in a position that we could help, we helped others in the same way. I thought that THAT was how things were supposed to be.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?

Give 10% to the church so I can refuel my jet plane and pay the mortgage on my Lake Tahoe house? I am just not sure they are the same thing.


One response to “Rock Springs Baptist Church…

  1. Hey depends on the church. I have only went to 2 here in Ellijay and the first one had a box at the front that you put the money in if you had it to give and the 2 one that I am now a member of is just like Rock Springs in so many ways. All the way down to passing the collection plate. With the 18 year ols men being the one who hadles the plated. At our church the collection on goes to the pastor every 4th Sunday,and there are times when he gives that money to one of the families in the church who are in need of help, he never talks about us needing a bigger church. The money that is collected the other 3 Sudays goes to help familes and causes like the Heart Assoc, or the Relay For Life, where our church has a good turn out every year. I like a few t.v. pastor ok I only like one and that is Joel Olsten and if I had to chose between staying home and watching him on t.v. and going to church to hear Russel , I would go hear Russel. The church we are memebers of reminds me so much of Rock Springs from the Pastor to all the things in between.

    The t.v. pastors kill me our pastor works a full time job as does his wife , plus our pastor runs his own farm. He truly is a MAN OF GOD in my book. But I fully understand what you are saying. Church is now days is a really big bussiness and people wonder whats wrong in the world.


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