I don’t see it anywhere….

…though I have been looking to see where it is written, this rule that must exist somewhere, that says mom’s are responsible for all things “kid”. I realize that being a stay at home mom (or June Cleaver) means that cooking, cleaning and laundry, and that most of the carpool, class party, field trips and picking up from practice is going to fall on me. That is just fine with me. I enjoy most of it. I just don’t understand this – and I wonder if it is this way with most families – the husband (call him Ward) goes to work and comes home. If the kids have practice, the wife (call her June) takes them to practice, picks them up- even if practice is over after Ward gets off work or gets home.

On the weekends, is it a rule that June still makes breakfast, even if Ward is up as well, reading the newspaper?

I am lucky, my husband without hesitation cleans the kitchen every night after dinner. He does laundry and he cleans the shower (of course he does the shower because I won’t ). I just think that Ward should do some picking up, too.

I don’t understand the kids in this. Wally is old enough to do most things for himself, but he was this way… even when the whole family is home, Beaver still only asks me to fix him drinks, breakfast, lunch, etc. Ward is reading the paper, I have one hand cleaning the litter box and the other starting laundry and the Beaver yells from the kitchen “Mom would you fix me some milk??!!??”

This is not how it was in my house growing up, so I am not sure how it is “supposed” to be. My mom did not know how to drive, so either my dad had to pick us up – which didn’t happen often – but that is a whole other story- or I just rode with my friends. Mom didn’t wait on us hand and foot, I am sure that as soon as we were old enough we were getting it ourselves. Once again, my childhood was quite a bit different than anyone else I know- except Melony, of course, she is my sister.

It seems here in this area we live in, that family is a big deal. Families do everything together. I like that. I am jealous of families that have that, both growing up and now. But jealousy isn’t really a good thing, is it? One of the 7, right? (1 out of 7 isn’t bad, though)

Sorry. Got off subject there. What was I talking about..? Oh, that rule. Hmm. I wonder if it is something they made me sign while I was in labor- maybe while I was under the influence of pain killers and didn’t know or care what I was signing…

Well, I would ramble on a bit more, but I have to pick Wally up from track practice and take the Beaver to batting practice. The dryer just buzzed, the dishwasher needs to be emptied and I have to figure out what to feed them all for dinner…



One response to “I don’t see it anywhere….

  1. Ok first of all you make me laugh every time I read your blog.

    As far as Wally and The Beav, make the do for themselves some, it won’t kill them(that I know of).
    As for picking them up and taking them to practice it used to be everything was in walking distance and now nothing is, so until Wally gets his DL and a car you are stuck picking them both up.
    As for Ward I can’t tell you what to do with him. Because mine works all day and still comes home and cooks dinner and on weekends fixes breakfast unless Little Sally and Betty want to do it . Little Sally and Betty do the dishes and wash the clothes and feed the dogs.
    I have to clean the toilet thought because for some reason no one in my house knows what a toilet brush looks like or how to use one.
    As for Calgon take you away the shit don’t work , instead try 1 can of MT DEW and 1/2 shot of TEQUILA until it takes you away that works.

    Eddie’s Mom

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