I have four of them. I talk to my little sister (now that sounds funny – my little sister is 31) at least twice a week – I really have to. We are very close and although I don’t agree with well, almost everything she has done, she is still my little sister. There have been many times I’d like to go and knock her up side the head and say “what on earth were you thinking!!??” all fairness though, I am sure there were many times she thought the same thing about me. We have saved each others butt’s and cried on each others shoulders many times. I would definitely consider her a friend as well.

OK, but that is not why I am here. My older sisters. Hmm. One is a big time screw up – she wasn’t always, for a while, when I was a teen and a bit into my early twenties we were close, but then drugs came into the picture. There is some other stuff there- she treats my mom pretty bad, she cheated on her husband after he was diagnosed with cancer – so I really just have no use for her. We haven’t spoken in 8 years.

My other older sisters , C and L, live in New York. We had a falling out shortly after our father died, though I don’t really remember what it was about. For a long time I held a grudge. Isn’t that kind of sad – I have been holding a grudge and haven’t spoken to my sister for almost 10 years for something that I now can’t remember (and if anyone in my family remembers – don’t remind me!). I realized one day last year that holding grudges is where my sisters and I are just like my dad. He could hold a grudge with the best of them! I don’t want to be like that. Life is too short.

So, slowly my older sister , C and I are beginning to communicate again. It is only by email, but that is OK- that is really how I communicate with just about everyone lately (not unusual these days, huh?).

My husband has 3 siblings and they have a great relationship. They don’t talk very often. Because we live out of state – on the other side of the country no less- we only see them once a year if we are lucky. But when they get together, it is as if they have never been apart. The same with most of their family, really. I am jealous.


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