Rain, rain go away…

Well, it’s here. The rain, that is. This summer seemed to go so fast… I guess really all of the summers here seem to go fast compared to what we are used to. I miss autumn in the south (except for mosquitos) … lightning bugs… pine straw… cool mornings ,very warm days and on to cool nights…

I cross my fingers every Halloween that it doesn’t rain before the kids get to trick-or-treat.. you know, I don’t think I ever remember it raining on Halloween- ever. Last year and the year before, the kids just made it in before the rain started, so I guess that is o.k. This year I am not sure I am even going to decorate outside. We had to leave them up last year a week or two past Halloween waiting on a dry day to take them all down!

Back home, it’s a sign of a true redneck if your Christmas lights are on your house all year long- here, they are left up until spring just waiting on a dry day to climb a ladder to take them down.

I hate the rain.


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