Lowering the drinking age..

Now the government, who with their infinite wisdom many years ago- just before I turned 18 -raised the drinking age to 21, is considering lowering the drinking age back to 18. No good I say.

The reasoning is in part, that teens see it as the “forbidden fruit” and they are drinking anyway, and the fruit factor also leads to binge drinking.

Yeah, right.

Sure, I started drinking as a teen. But long before I was 18. My friends and I were binge drinking long past our 21st birthdays, so that reasoning goes out the window.

It would still be the forbidden fruit, just to 14, 15 ,16 year old teens. Then, too, these teens have plenty of friends who are 18 and will buy them beer.

Allowed to drink at 18? Many don’t feel teens are old or mature enough for a driver’s license until they are close to 18. Hey – that has always been an idea among us drinkers at the bars- teach people to drive while drunk and then drunk driving won’t be such a problem! This is about what this amounts to as far as I am concerned. Has it really been that long since these people were teens? Have they forgotten the pressures that come with adolescence? Alcohol often seems to help us fit in, relax.. I remember. I know I am very lucky. I wasn’t old enough to drink, and still found it quite easy to do so. I went to school impaired. Not a good idea. Again I say, I am very lucky to have had a few good friends who cared. But if I wasn’t old enough and was able to do it, imagine how easy it will be for the 18 year old senior to “booze it up” before first period…

Alcohol is often seen as the answer to many adults problems, and then all of a sudden it is the root of those problems. It is true that not everyone who drinks becomes and alcoholic, but there have been many studies that show the earlier people start drinking the more likely they are to become alcoholics. So, when they lower the drinking age they should find more places to hold AA meetings.

I am trying to raise my son to realize you can have just as much fun without alcohol -more actually- than with it. I am not sure when I should start sharing my personal experiences with him, but when it is time, I hope he will see that every once in a while, mom knows something–

WOW. I didn’t know I had so much to say on the subject. Really, I have more. But, I have to start packing for vacation. I think I will find a chapter of MADD to join when we get back.


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