the square peg into the round hole..

Not exactly, but close enough.

First, a little back story- When we bought our house, we unknowingly paid a fee for a park/playground that was supposed to be built in our neighborhood. It was a condition that our city required of our builder when he applied for the permits for our neighborhood. We did not know about this park until my friend Lynn introduced us to Kenn and Kim, who had noticed this in their contract and wanted to know where the park was.

Small town backscratching is what the condition was. There is a jet fuel pipeline that flows under our neighborhood- straight through the area where the park was supposed to go, and on north to Seattle. So, when the builder “discovered” that there was a fuel line there, well, it just wasn’t safe to build a park there, so they added the land to the lots that were connected and made quite a bit of extra money. The park wasn’t advertised, so they figured no one would really notice when it wasn’t built. They were so wrong. BTW- that fuel line runs underneath the little league park and under the fairgrounds and amphitheater where they hold many concerts. I researched quite a bit about fuel pipelines for this fight… I am proud to have been a part of…only a small part..

Long story short, we are getting about a quarter of the park that was supposed to be built. The builder of the neighborhood next to us had donated a play structure – a very very expensive one, that has been sitting in storage (in someones backyard with a tarp over it) for 2 years now.

The city finally started pouring asphalt for the “parking lot” and basketball court, and I suppose for the foundation for the play structure-

The square peg in the round hole— whoever is in charge of pouring the foundation (a civil engineer of some sort I’m sure) didn’t bother to check the measurements of the play structure. It doesn’t fit the holes that were left for it. So now we have a lot of black top, some piles of dirt and still the hopes of a park…hmmm…all of the people who fought so hard for this park, well, I am afraid that our kids are going to be too old to use it by the time that it is finished… or that we will have moved ..

Small town government!!


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